The perfect mix of security & openness

Sliding gates - Design Levi 30




The perfect mix of security & openness

The Levi Design sliding gate is characterised by the use of aluminium profiles, which are inserted into the gate frame at an interval of approx. 20mm,
therby playfully interrupting the line of sight.

Two designs are available within the Levi 30 sliding gate line:

• Levi 30H: aluminium infill profile with dimension 30x25mm inserted horizontally into the gate wing.
• Levi 30V: aluminium infill profile with dimension 30x25mm inserted vertically into the gate wing.

The Levi gates are standard provided with a textured coating in the colours Anthracite-grey (RAL 7016) or Jet-black (RAL 9005). The gate infill have been pre-treated with a high-quality SEASIDE pre-treatment technique:
the best corrosion protection for aluminium profiles!
As a result, the profiles have better resistance in aggressive environments
such as coastal areas, heavy industrial zones and urban areas.
The SEASIDE-coating protection offers many advantages:

  • Improved colour and gloss stability.
  • Increased scratch resistance.
  • Better UV resistance.
  • Longer weather resistance.

Technical data

Default heights:

1035, 1235, 1435, 1635, 1835, 2035 mm

RAL 7016 texture
RAL 9005 texture

Sliding gate

Width dimension (mm) between posts

Sliding gate

Length gate wing (mm)

Aluminium Guide-post Manual operated

150 x 150
150 x 150
150 x 150
150 x 150
150 x 150

Aluminium Guide-post Automated

250 x 180
250 x 180
250 x 180
250 x 180
250 x 180

Aluminium Stop-post

150 x 150

Aluminium C-profile lower beam

250 x 160

Aluminium Head style profile

100 x 80

Aluminium Between profile

80 x 60

Aluminium Top guide profile

140 x 75

The Levi design sliding gate is available in both single and “sliding towards each other” versions. Optionally is a fully integrated PLUG & PLAY automation available, which is mounted invisibly in the guide post.

Automation Sliding gate

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