About us

Innovation & passion


We believe in the infinite possibilities of aluminium and site security working together.

Aluconnect is a manufacturer of aluminium gates and fencing to suit any environment. With a complet range and in-house production facilities, we have developed fencing and gates that offer the perfect balance between accessibility and security.


At Aluconnect, we understand the value of our products to our customers, both B2B and B2C. We provide not only site security, but also fencing and gates that perfectly match the living environment of our end users.



Our Mission

Through innovation, knowledge sharing and partnerships, we remain at te forefront in the development of aluminium gates, fencing and site security, with an eye for design and excellent service.

Making knowledge-driven choices while knowing how to turn technology into practical applications that work perfectly for the end user.

Cooperation & sustainable innovation

Working together to grow together, that is our core! This is how we look at our employees, partners and representatives. We listen to each other, learn from each other and that is how we develop the best product for our customer.

Our processes have been optimised. We continue to strive for environmentaly friendly production for our fencing and gates. The balance between efficiency and sustainability creates innovative processes.