Invisible automation


aesthetic, flexible, reliable & safe!

aesthetic, flexible, reliable & safe!

The Aluconnect sliding gate drive is characterised by the fact that the automation is invisibly integrated into the sliding gate’s modern designed guide post.

Column drives have been THE ingenious gate drives for decades for demanding use in both private and commercial sectors.

Aluconnect has developed an drive column for its sliding gate with a size of 250x180mm, which ensures optimum stability and provides enough space for the installation of peripheral equipment. On site, only 230 volts need to be connected. All comfort functions such as soft run, automatic closing, etc. can be set on the integrated motor control.


The advantages of column drive:

No visible drive technology.

Plug in the power supply, determine start and end position, perform a test opening, program the hand transmitter and the sliding gate is ready for use.

Significant savings in assembly time.

All necessary safety and protective components are integrated in the column drive.

180T with a speed of 18cm per second.

250T with a speed of 25cm per second.

The Aluconnect sliding gate drive has been developed in accordance with European standard EN13241: 2003 + A2: 2016. The initial type test was performed by Kiwa Nederland B.V..
The sliding gate drive therefore complies with all essential European
safety, health and environmental protection requirements imposed on the drive, which is visible through the CE mark on the drive.
180T 250T

Technical Data

                                                                        Standard 180T                     Optional 250T

Brand drive:                                                  Belfox                                     Belfox

Connection voltage:                                   230V/50Hz                         230V/50Hz

Motor power supply:                                 24V DC                                  24v DC

Switch-on time (ED):                                 80%                                        90%

Gate speed:                                                  max. 18 cm per sec.            max. 25 cm per sec.

Pressure force:                                            1100 N                                    1300 N

Maximum wing weight:                             880 kg                                    1000 kg

Safety edges gate wing:                            Passive                                  Active

Safety edges guide post:                          Active                                    Active

Set of photocells inside & outside:        ✔                                             ✔

Toothed rack:                                               Module 4, plastic               Module 4, plastic

Flashing light incl. LED lighting:             ✔                                             ✔

Key switch:                                                    ✔                                            ✔

Handheld transmitter:                               ✔                                            ✔

Temperature minimum/maximum:      -20ºC/+50ºC                     -20ºC?+50ºC