Invisible automation


aesthetic, flexible, reliable & safe!

aesthetic, flexible, reliable & safe!

In cooperation with the company Belfox, Aluconnect has developed a swing gate drive that represents the highest level of perfection in swing gate technology. Moreover, it is possible to unlock the gate wing from inside and outside.


The Aluconnect swing gate drive is characterised by the fact that the tubular motor is part of a specially developed rounded hinge profile, so that trapping or retraction between gate post and hinge profile is not possible.


Tubular motors have been THE ingenious gate drives for decades for demanding use in both the private and commercial sectors Thanks to helical gears, the drive operates almost silently. On site, only 230 volts need to be connected. All comfort functions such as soft run, automatic closing, etc. can be set on the integrated motor control.


The advantages of tubular motor drive:

No visible drive technology.

Plug in the power supply, perform a test opening, program the hand transmitter and the swing gate is ready for use.

Significant savings in assembly time.

All necessary safety and protective components are integrated in the tubular motor drive.



The Aluconnect swing gate drive has been developed in accordance with European standard EN13241: 2003 + A2: 2016. The initial type test was performed by Kiwa Nederland B.V..
The swing gate drive therefore complies with all essential European
safety, health and environmental protection requirements imposed on the drive, which is visible through the CE mark on the drive.

Technical Data

Brand drive: Belfox

Connection voltage: 230V/50Hz

Motor power supply: 24V DC

Switch-on time: 50%

Turning torque: 32 Nm

Holding torque: 500 Nm

Opening time 90º: 8 sec.

Plug & Play system: ✔

Maximum gate wing weight: 100 KG

Handheld transmitter: ✔

Set of photocells: ✔

Flashing light incl. LED lighting: Optional

Gate unlock inside/outside: ✔

Temperature minimum/maximum: -20ºC/+50ºC


Suitable for:

  • Luna, Lara, Luka, Lola and Lucy up to and including 2000mm wing width.
  • Levi up to and inclucing 2500mm wing width.
  • Minimum gate height for installation automation is 1657mm.